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Espar Hydronic II D5S Coolant Heater - 12V Version | Diesel

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Espar Hydronic II D5S Coolant Heater - 12V Version | Diesel
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Espar - Eberspacher Hydronic II D5S Economy 12v Water / Coolant Heater

12 volt version | Diesel version | Fuel efficient heater 

This heater has advantage of pre-heating the engine as well as the passenger compartment. It uses the car's own water system with heat exchanger and fan. Hydronic II D5S can be fitted in any type of car.

This is the second generation Hydronic heater (latest model introduced in 2014). The main differences from the older Hydronic 5 versions - improved fuel efficiency, works faster and it is more reliable than its predecessors. It also works with the new type Easysart controllers / timers / GSM System. 

Hydronic Water Heaters

  • Double benefits: warming up the passenger compartment and engine and therefore making starting easy, protecting the engine, saving fuel and helping the environment.
  • Comfortable warm air distribution using the car's own air vents.
  • Installation in the engine compartment possible in almost any car.
  • Can be controller  by timer, radio remote control or smartphone.
  • Pre-cooling possible in summer.
  • Can also be used for central heating in boats (requires special marine installation kit)

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