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Shipping Times

USA & Canada:

We aim to deliver all orders within 24-48 hours in the U.S. and Canada. In some cases it may take slightly longer. We use only the most reputable couriers out there so usually your order will be delivered by Fedex or UPS courier.


We also have a warehouse in London, United Kingdom. Therefore, orders in the United Kingdom are usually delivered within 1 working day. 

Orders in Continental Europe are usually delivered within 2-4 working days. 

Rest of World:

Orders are usually delivered within 2-4 days. It may take slightly longer (up to 7-10 working days) for orders to be delivered to Australia and New Zealand.



USA & Canada

There are no taxes for heaters and heater parts for orders shipped to the United States or Canada.


20% VAT is applicable for orders in the European Union and United Kingdom. If you are a VAT registered business in the European Union - please contact us before placing your order.

Rest of World

Please check with your local Customs Authorities to see if there are any import taxes for imported items in your Country.